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Have you been looking outside of yourself for answers, validation, or the feeling of worthiness on the path to a more fulfilling life?


Maybe you’ve poured yourself into all of the things you thought you should to “be successful.” An education, a career, a house, a family…

For those on the outside looking in, it might even seem like you’re “living the dream.” But it doesn’t feel that way on the inside.

Are you...

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  • Feeling unfulfilled?
  • Feeling burnt out?
  • Caught in a never ending cycle of “people pleasing”?
  • Over-extending yourself?
  • Constantly doubting yourself?
  • So paralyzed by the idea of failure that you won’t allow yourself to take the risks you long for?


“Chasing the dream” can wear you down. It’s frustrating when all the external markers you once set for your personal growth and success have lost their appeal.


There's another way...


I’m Teya.


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Be fully prepared to receive the guidance you need to manifest the life you desire.

I help women reconnect with themselves and their deepest, innermost desires. My approach is intuitive, showing you how to trust in your own internal guidance system.

At Dreams Manifest, we utilize holistic modalities, such as vision boarding, so that you may set your intentions, see what comes forward for you, and experience lasting transformation and expansion.

Whether you work with me 1:1 or through one of my courses or programs, it will be a mutual exchange of presence, mine and yours.

You will learn to trust in yourself and the wisdom that emerges through this work. It is essential as you prepare yourself for the limitless possibilities in your growth and development.

What if you could...

Put yourself and your joy first as a radical act of self love and sovereignty?

After all that we’ve been through with the pandemic, I believe there’s never been a better time to do the internal work of examining your own desires, your own inner knowing.

In a world serving us so much uncertainty — it’s the perfect time to remind yourself that YOU have the answers for YOUR life. The life you’ve always known you were meant for.

It’s just waiting to be revealed.

Are you ready?


Here’s what many of my clients have been known to experience

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  • Feeling anchored in your authentic Self
  • Feeling confident in making choices based on what is right for you, not what is expected of you anchored in your authentic Self
  • Support in building a trusting and loving relationship with your own inner wisdom
  • Clarity on what your heart truly longs for and the confidence to take action
  • A joyful, creative process to unapologetically design the life of your dreams

Ready to get started?

The process is simple, yet profound.

Step 1 - Surrender

Let go of what you think your life “should” be

Step 2 - Align

Get clear on what you truly want

Step 3 - Allow

Trust the messages from your inner guidance and follow your call

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