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CHOOSE YOU! Design a Life You Love to Live 8 Week Vision Book Course w/ Coaching – Special Beta-Test Pricing

November 13, 2023 - January 13, 2024



CHOOSE YOU! Gives you access to the powerful Vision Book Process that changed my life!   Not so long ago I was at a crossroads living a life that by all accounts looked good on the outside, but it didn’t feel good to me.  I knew there had to be a better way.  That feeling, led me to create my first vision book and inspired me to establish Dreams Manifest LLC as a company to help guide others to build lives that feel more aligned, authentic, joyful.

It is possible to Design A Life You Love to Live and Live a Life of Your own design!

Join us for this eight-week vision board workshop that will help you establish the vision for the life you truly desire.

During the course we will explore the areas of your life where you have been feeling a desire to make improvements, but may not have known how.

  • You will assess every area of you life to set the foundation for change.
  • Establish your priorities
  • Let go of unnecessary patterns, and obligations
  • Decide where you want to make improvements
  • Clarify the vision for what a new inspired vision for this new life you want to create

Are you ready to create powerful shifts in your life and take control?

Join the Dreams Manifest LLC Choose You- Design A Life You Love To Live Vision Book Course.

  • If you find yourself desiring a life that feels more authentic, bold, and expressive. This workshop is for you!
  • If you are ready to let go of what has been in order to get what you truly desire. This workshop is for you!
  • Ready to create a new life intentionally centered around your desires?  This workshop is for you!
  • Desire more purpose and joy? This workshop is for you!

The Life You Desire is obtainable!  You just have to be clear in what you desire!

During the Choose You-Design A Life You Love To Live 8 Week Course we will:

  • Take time to explore/remember where your power lies & identify your gifts & purpose.
  • Give yourself permission to live in that power.
  • Build a vision book that will remind you of your ability to create the life YOU desire every time you see it!
  • Establish the steps forward toward living a life that feels more aligned and authentic.
  • Leave the process feeling supported, inspired and empowered!

What You will Get:

You will build a vision book that reminds you of your priorities, your power, your purpose and your intention,  while centering of yourself in your vision.  **Printed Vision Book not included in course price.

The goal is to shift from auto-pilot and checking down to-do lists, and going along with the status quo to being more intentional, standing in your power, and creating a life you love to live. You will be provided with guidance and tools along the way to craft a vision that aligns with you deepest desires and supports you in making the mental and emotional shifts required actually live it.  This is a deeply reflective practice, and is also extremely powerful.

All you need for this course is a computer, wifi, and  a desire to create a new vision for your life!

This Special Beta Test is only $8.88 with discount code: BETA-P1  for an $800.00 Discount.

Next Course Kick-Off on 11/13!  (REGISTRATION CLOSED- SIGN UP FOR PHASE 2)



November 13, 2023
January 13
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